Melissa Dickerson

I’m an almost 50 year old wife and mother who is a new Empty Nesting Midlife Momma  trying to navigate through my life in words. Family, Genealogy, nature, and writing get me through the day!
I found that art, illustrations, and writing help me process the events of life.  My hope is that these illustrations and writings help you, too. I hope my words  inspire you to look at life with a different perspective. I hope you learn to enjoy the good things in life while you conquer and overcome the less good things that happen.
I began this online journey in 2014 as Genealogy Girl Talks. I started a website and Instagram account and shared my tips and advice for others who were endeavoring on their own family history research journey. Through the years, things began to change and I created a separate “Author” account. This year, that transpired into an account and website where I share my illustrations and words to help others (and myself).

– Melissa