New Book

Follow along as I write my newest book. This Empty Nesting Midlife Hippie Momma is writing a book for her son. It is filled with life lessons, illustrations, and writings for her child or any child leaving the nest.
“This world will try to smother your creativity. Life will get in the way and you’ll push it aside. Don’t let it happen. Never stop playing the guitar. Never stop drawing. Never stop writing. Don’t let life smother your creativity. Keep fanning the flames.” – m.dickerson
Before You Leave - a new book from M.Dickerson (

“Slow down. Don’t get caught up in the speed of this world. It’s moving too fast. Take the time to watch more sunsets, walk in nature, breathe fresh air, and soak up the sunshine. Slow down and get outside. Nature heals. It’s good for the soul.” – m.dickerson
I hope you enjoy my newest project!

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